TENGA Hole Lotion (Wild) • Water Lubricant


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  • Silky Smooth • Long-lasting glide.
  • Wetter & Natural feel compared to Silicone.
  • Travel Approved! Fits in every handbag with a discreet design.

SOLID (Silver):
Thickest of them all, and lets you feel the stimulation’s without sticky residue.
MILD (White):
Thick lubricant that delivers a softly wrapped feeling.
REAL (Red):
Provides a sense of moisture that isn’t too sticky.
WILD (Black):
Thinnest of them all, and includes a hint of menthol for a refreshing experience.


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TENGA HOLE LOTION is a line of water-based lubricants specially formulated for use with TENGA products. It provides smooth lubrication and rinses away easily with just water.
Choose your favorite to maximize your pleasure, or try them all to change up your TENGA experience!
TENGA Hole Lotion (Wild) • Water Lubricant

TENGA Hole Lotion (Wild) • Water Lubricant