Pokemon Blastoise V • Battle Deck


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  • ✨Battle Deck Edition
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  • 🐱‍👤Pokemon 2021 Collection

📝Main Features:

  • Theme: Venusaur V & Blastoise V
  • Series: English Edition • Battle Deck
  • Online Bonus: 1x Code Card for Pokemon TCG Online!
  • Bundle & Save! Choose between 1 Deck or Catch Em’ All!
  • Player Essentials: 1 Coin • 1 Deck Box • Damage Counters
  • Built For All! Great for Beginners! Even Better for Experienced Players!


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Charge into battle with the power of Pokémon V on your side with Pokémon Trading Card Game: V Battle Decks. Each 60-card deck is led by either Venusaur V or Blastoise V, and the set includes everything you need to play right away. In addition to the deck, you’ll also get a playmat, damage counters, a metallic coin, and a deck box to protect your team. Not only that, but there is a rule booklet, a guide to assist you with winning strategies, and reference cards to make the game even easier to play. Let the battle begin!

Pokemon Blastoise V • Battle Deck

Pokemon Blastoise V • Battle Deck